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For All Praeger Ellem Equires
please contact Ralph Praeger
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30 Years Experience in Unique
and Specialised Projects

Through our innovative thinking and application of the law, we have developed an enviable reputation for being quality solicitors who achieve results for clients no matter how difficult the path. We have a history of delivering excellent results in matters other firms have thought not possible.

“Quality advice second to none.”

By engaging Praeger Ellem Solicitors you will experience a personalised business relationship where you will encounter our high degree of expertise, achieved through our passionate focus on selected industries and practice areas. You can feel secure knowing that our highly competent professionals will provide you with quality advice second to none.

Latest News
Arbitration or to Litigation?
With escalating development, construction and legal costs it has become very important to consider the question of whether to arbitrate or to litigate.

Moving To Queensland
Queensland is similar to the rest of Australia in terms of the majority of its laws and regulations, but there are some important differences which you will need to take into account.

Retail Shop Lease Act 2005
A review of Retail Shop Leases amendments.

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